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RCC Blog Spot

From the Superintendent

Spring 2017

As with every season, the weather holds the key to how quickly the course can be prepared for play.  There is no winter damage to the turf this year so that is a great start!  Nobody, either superintendent or golfer, likes to see dead grass coming out of the gate.

The soil is extremely saturated this spring and it is a good thing to help relieve the drought conditions.  However, it does make it challenging for the crew to navigate the course during the clean-up process.  They start on high ground first and work their way to those wet areas when the ground firms up.

There is no one thing that makes the course opening preparation difficult but in my mind, it is the fact that there is so much to do in a very short time frame.  Crew numbers are much lower than during the summer months, the complete course and clubhouse grounds must be cleaned of winter debris, irrigation system upgrades must be completed before the system is pressurized, winter tree removal final stages involve adding topsoil seed to the work areas, course accessories must be put in place, the irrigation system needs to be checked for leaks and repairs made if needed when the lines are pressurized, the greens are rolled and mowed a few times, etc.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few items but you can see it is an extremely busy time of year.  But as always, we push forward and strive to produce the best product we can every day.

See you on the course!

John Clark

From the Pro
2017 winter has been staying with us longer than we hoped.
I learned a long time ago to plan on April 15 every year to start our season, anything prior to that date is bonus, and the disappointment of an early April snowstorm doesn’t sting as much. John and his crew always keep the golf course in fantastic shape and I have full confidence in his judgement on when the course is ready for golfers and golf carts.

We have been very fortunate in the past few seasons to open nearly a month earlier than tax day (last season was March 11), but this season is back to the norm. The golf business is a weather related business and we must deal with what Mother Nature has to bring us. That being said, let the spring begin.

Our first tournament is May 6th (The Derby Scramble), shotgun at noon, followed by Kentucky Derby themed apres golf.

Leagues are starting to form –
Men’s League begins Wednesday May 3rd
Ladies League starts on Wednesday May 17th

I’m now heading out to shovel the parking lot so that our new fleet of golf carts can arrive.

Jon Ellis, PGA