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Course Update

March 2024

Winters come and winters go. This year it never showed up! Sure, we had the occasional nuisance storms but no block busters to speak of, that’s for sure. The lack of snow allowed us to catch up on overdue brush clearing along the course boundaries. The labor issue had me put that kind of work on the back burner and focus on other playability issues. There is still plenty to clear, but Mike Strogen, Mike Boyd and Dave Brough have made a significant dent in the work. I’m sure you’ll notice the areas completed when you easily find your wayward shot.
Many trees with safety concerns or storm damage were also removed. I’m happy when Mother Nature takes the lead and decides which trees must go because it takes me out of the contentious tree removal process. Tree maintenance and removal is an extremely important part of the turf management program as trees can have a substantial impact on the overall turf health.

Equipment tech, Pete Mann, has diligently performed the off-season maintenance of the aged equipment fleet. It is his persistence and drive to keep each piece up and running that contributes to the success of the course conditions year in and year out. Although he prefers to lay low in the shop, remember him when you’re playing on the fine conditions out there.

And last, but not least, Bill Godek joins the Rochester Country Club as the Assistant Superintendent. Bill has been in golf course maintenance for 30 years, most recently at Rowley Country Club in Massachusetts. Bill grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and attended Essex Agricultural College.
Bill recently moved to Barrington with his wife Rachael. He is excited to work at RCC and use his experience and knowledge to compliment the team.
Besides his passion for golf, Bill enjoys fishing, nature, exploring eclectic dining and visiting breweries near and far. Let’s give Bill a warm welcome and introduce yourself when you are out on the course. I’m looking forward to having Bill on the team and continuing to keep RCC in tip top condition this coming year!

John Clark

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